‘Don’t let the …

Paul at Pond

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good’.

Voltaire wrote this bit of brilliance.  I use everyday lately, throughout the day, to remind myself to not get hung up on things I’ve judge to be ‘imperfect’:  moments that didn’t go as planned, things I say or do that I am embarrassed about, mistakes I make while playing my guitar and singing.  When I get ‘Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good’ up on my negative judgements about myself, the lovely process I was engaged in comes to a grinding halt.  Equally bad is when I have let ‘the perfect become the enemy of the good’ when it comes to my kids.  When that happens I invariably say or do something I regret to my gorgeous boys.  Perfectionism hurts everyone.

You might think of taking  D L T P B T E O F T G on a test drive yourself one day.  You’ll find that not only are you more productive when this is your operating principal, you’ll  feel more at ease with yourself  (ah, such a wonderful feeling!) and find that all things have a more magical, alive quality to them.

PS:  Perfectionism, procrastionasion  and Anxiety are strongly linked 😦

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